This section overviews selected site specific works and installations by Sebastian Meissner.
Busines Never Personal

February / 1st - 8th / 2006

Barents Spektakel, Kirkenes / Norway
"Paradoxies of economy: arrested russian seamen in the shipyard of Kirkenes"
This installation consisted of field recordings, interviews and photographies combined to an outdoor installation which was placed in the city center of Kirkenes surrounded by minus 35 degree celcius.

Presence / Absence ::: Into The Void

June - July / 28th - 6th / 2003

Center for Jewish Culture, Krakow / Poland
The focus of the installation "Presence/Absence ::: Into the Void" was a reflection upon the history and the recent changes in the krakovian neighbourhood of Kazimierz.
The installation was working on the basis of an attempt of reversing the seasons: from summer to winter. To do so, Meissner maked the use of filedrecordings in the streets of Kazimierz done during his visit in Febrauary 2003. Aditional soundworks created for this installation were Meissner´s adaptations and compositions influenced by the soundtrack of “Schindler´s List”. This installation was accompanied by a series of postcards, based on Meissner´s picture series done during his visit in February 2003.

Jerusalem: Pirate Radio Stations

February / 1st - 8th / 2002

Podewil, Berlin / Germany
The primary sound sources are recordings of pirate radios in Jerusalem, mostly illegal religious, fundamentalist Jewish or Arab stations with a range of few kilometres. The spectrum is densely occupied and contested by local alternative culture and youth radios. By means of the random function of CD-players, the sound material is remixed and sampled into ever new ambiences, from complex and dense to minimalist. /// Podewil, Berlin
"There was an underground pirate radio station in a small apartment right above the old fruit / vegetable market in Mahne Yehuda St. The place is an original kasba! Meat and spice stinking alleys, gutter cats everywhere, used clothes, canvas, toys, jewelry, black market money, you could get everything there. The Radio station called "Periscope" was a co-operative of a local guerilla music activists, who used to pay for the rent and the radio gear by bashing techno parties at different locations around the city. Two small flyer covered rooms formed the radio station, one with the turntables, tape decks, mixer and the rest, and one only for the transmitter amplifier. Broadcasts were made only from 8 pm, and the radius of the transmition was limited to about 2-3 kilometers around. You had no idea who was listening, especially when all the other many ultra orthodox religious pirate stations were competing on the same frequency! So, looking for a high place to stick the stations antenna to ensure max reception, good cover and to minimize conspicuousness, the Periscope people came up with the perfect solution, stuck it right up on top of the police stations antennas! So there it was, going on for two years with no disturbance, transmitting electronic mayhem from the top of the police building right in the middle of Jerusalem city." /// Ran Slavin

micro / macro

March 1st - July 31st / 2002

Die Frankfurte Welle, Frankfurt / Germany
This sound installatio for a architectural transit-spaces consisted of filed recodrings and furher electronic sound composition splitted into 128 fragments, which were triggered by a motion dedector in the lobby of Frankfurter Welle by Deutschen Immobilien Fond (DIFA).